At Recreational Surfaces Australia we uphold the highest quality in synthetic putting greens. Our directional and non-directional products ensure that you are receiving a true putt everytime you hit the green. From driving to chipping or simply putting we have a product to suit your needs. Bunkers and water holes are also a great option when constructing a synthetic putting green. We have a great underlay system which ensures a soft putting surface as well as making sure the ball checks as it hits the green. Our superior contour systems ensure that your ball will always break to the direction you require.

We are proud to offer a great new product in 2013 True Putt 20, this product really sets the standard in ball roll and break. This latest yarn technology is made from polyetherlene fibres to which create a softer putting surface to eliminate ball skip when you putt. This product is required to be rolled on completion of the green to create an authentic putting surface.

We have an extensive range of golf accesories that we offer with your personal green. Our golf cup range can be either purchased in plastic, stainless steel or aluminium, depending on what type of look you require. We have a variety of golf flags ranging from 3 foot to 6 foot in height. The flag sticks come in either white or yellow. Our flag range is available in yellow, blue, red and white, which can be plain or checked colour. We also offer a flag picker range which saves you bending down when retrieving your golf ball.

We also have a great new golfing product, Super Tee Off, which enables you to insert a tee into and drive your golf ball straight off. This product is available in our range of golf mats introduced earlier this year.

For a more detailed description of our putting green systems and for a no-obligation consultation please email sales@recsurf.com.au for your synthetic putting green specialists!

For a more detailed description of our services and for a free, no obligation consultation, please email sales@recsurf.com.au for your cricket surfacing specialists!

Golf Products

Golf Putt 20

20mm Non-Directional Product. Putts true. Medium to fast pace.

True Putt 13

13mm Diectional product. Great ball roll for true putt. Medium to fast pace

Super Tee Off

25mm Premium dense KDK nylon yarn which is long lasting tee off grass.

Fringe Grass

40mm long pile perfect for getting your golf ball caught in the deep.

Golf Accessories

Plastic Cups Stainless Cups

Practice Flags Practice Pickers

Driving Mat