Recreational Surfaces Australia has an extensive range of commercial and domestic marine carpets suited for any applications. Our products are 100% polypropylene and come with a high UV rating. We stand behind our commercial products as they have been installed on ferries, aqua ducks, tour boats, party boats and yachts all around Australia.

At RSA we understand that the right floor covering is essential in transforming your vessel. The right choice of marine carpet can add lots of value and character to your boat. We can offer a mid-range and high quality range of marine carpets to meet any budget. We also stock a superior range of products suitable for wall and cupboard applications. These products are great for covering side pockets, dashboards and sleeping quarters in your boat.

Our marine carpet range comes in many different colours and styles to suit any domestic or commercial application. The famous Reef and Raider range is a standard flat or ribbed marine carpet which can be installed on floors as well as walls.

We offer a “press stud loose lay” option for your boat as we understand that glueing carpet to the floor is not always a preference. Along with this system we provide an overlocking service to prolong the life of your marine carpet.

For a more detailed description of our services and for a free no-obligation consultation please call us today on 0410 853 300 or email us at for your artificial turf and marine flooring specialists!

$44.00 per lineal metre plus G.S.T (2m wide)

Reef Blue 8mm

Raider Blue 8mm

Reef Tornado 8mm

Reef Ocean 8mm

Raider Ocean 8mm

Reef Grey 8mm

Reef Sand 8mm

Raider Grey 8mm

Raider Sand 8mm

Raider Tornado 8mm