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Recreational Surfaces Australia are proud to offer our customers a complete range of services for artificial turf that really looks like natural turf; we will take on any job large or small.

For all your outdoor and indoor flooring needs, at RSA we have you covered!

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Synthetic Grass for your Home Landscaping needs:

Synthetic grass is a great alternative to natural lawn because it looks just like natural turf but needs little to no maintenance and no watering or mowing ever again. Synthetic grass is safe for your kids and importantly is allergy free eliminating annoying grass allergies allowing you to enjoy your free time in your yard. Natural looking synthetic grass will add value to your house because it looks just like real turf and will appeal to buyers because of the minimal ongoing maintenance required. Add some colour to your home with our synthetic turf solutions!

Artificial Grass for your Businesses landscaping needs:

Every Business takes pride in the appearance of their office and the surrounds because customers appreciate professional businesses that have an eye for detail, and it is important to provide your staff an area that looks and feels great. If you want a lawn option that requires no water, no mowing and minimal maintenance then artificial grass is going to be perfect for you! You will save money as well as time because artificial grass is a long term installation that reduces your water and maintenance costs to next to nothing!

Synthetic Grass and Rubber Soft-fall for Schools & Childcare Centres:

Synthetic grass and are a new revolution for children’s playing areas. These surfaces are much safer for children to play on, reducing injuries and scrapes that occur on other surfaces. Also visually, Synthetic grass and rubber Soft-fall can be much more appealing than asphalt and concrete. We have many options available for all your play area needs, in synthetic grass as well as Rubber Soft-fall we can provide you with different , and to enhance the appearance of your and increase the children’s enjoyment!

Rubber Soft-fall and Artificial Grass for Resorts and Theme Parks:

For all your Theme Park and Resort needs we have a range of artificial grass products for you! Our flooring solutions require little to no maintenance cutting costs and as they require no water will also greatly reduce your water bills. Importantly these Rubber Soft-fall and artificial grass flooring options are much safer for visiting children to play on, reducing injuries.

Synthetic Grass and other solutions for Sporting Grounds:

Our synthetic grass and flooring solutions are innovative alternatives to natural grass. Our synthetic grass allows your teams to play in any weather due to effective drainage systems and no problems due to mud or dust. We have synthetic grass products suitable for any sport, for your home or commercial and competitive needs! Including Golf, Tennis, Cricket, Soccer, AFL, Hockey, these products require minimal maintenance and no watering.

Artificial Grass for Council facilities:

Low maintenance artificial grass options for sidewalks, highway nature strips, and landscaping for government buildings which will minimise costs and save water helping the environment!

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