Recreational Surfaces Australia provides a great overall synthetic solution for commercial high rise and resort use. We stock an extensive range of synthetic grasses suitable for the light traffic areas right through to commercial high traffic areas.  All our synthetic grass products are Australian made and have been installed Australia wide in theme parks, resorts, film sets and high rise rooftops.  Our commercial synthetic turf products with a complex latex backing sytem ensures these products are made to last.

Our 35mm synthetic turf range is great for the pool surrounds as it looks like real turf and is soft under foot. The advantage of synthetic turf around your pool is you don’t have to worry about those annoying grass clippings or dirt ending up in your pool or filter. Our Fresh Cut 25mm product released late last year is the perfect product for a pool surround as it is soft and is a lot cooler than all other synthetic turfs on the market.  The early release of Summer Prestige 35mm in 2009 is really leading the way in colour and texture yarn technology which has produced a vibrant colour combination which will highlight any area that needs to come back to life.  This product is guaranteed to add value to your home!!!!

Our 8mm – 15mm synthetic turf range is suitable for commercial areas that endure constant heavy foot traffic. This product requires to be glued to the substrate with an outdoor adhesive which also is water proof. We stock many different types and grades in this product range to meet any budget that is required. This product is great for theme parks and resorts as it is very resilient to to the heaviest of traffic. These products are made from polypropylene fibres and with our advanced double backed latex system for added strength. We guarantee these products will last for years.

A commercial short pile synthetic turf is also great alternative for entertaining & BBQ areas as this product is sturdy and can handle even the heaviest furniture placed on top.  These products are easy to clean and can be hosed & pressure cleaned down whenever you require. The great thing about a our short pile turf range is the extensive colour range we supply to suit the decor of any building or pool surround.  We stand by our short pile synthetic turf range as it leaves the the competitors behind in strength, durability and quality.

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RSA Centennial 10 35mm

35mm Premium water-less turf.


RSA Summer Prestige 35mm

35mm – Premium water-less turf.

RSA Fresh Cut 25mm

25mm – Perfect product for pool surrounds.

RSA Shield 9.5mm

9.5mm – High quality commercial grade for high traffic areas.

RSA Leisure 15mm

15mm – Perfect for commercial & domestic applications.

RSA Putting Pro 16mm

16mm – Perfect for commercial & domestic applications.