Synthetic grass and rubber soft-fall are a new revolution for children’s playing areas. These surfaces are much safer for children to play on, reducing injuries and scrapes that occur on other surfaces. Also visually, synthetic grass and rubber soft-fall can be much more appealing than bark, asphalt or concrete. We have many options available for all your play area needs, in synthetic grass as well as rubber wetpour.  We can provide you with different colours, patterns and shapes to enhance the appearance of your school or child care centre.

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Recreational Surfaces Australia provides a second soft-fall application that requires a loose rubber mesh together with a polyurethane binder. This system also requires shock-pads underneath the rubber surface to obtain a critical fall height.  There are two types of rubber products on the market that gives you a great option for long term durability and comes in a fantastic colour range.  The first rubber is called CSBR which is a black granulated rubber which is dyed to desired a colour.  The second granulated rubber is called EPDM which is a solid colour rubber granule which has the advantage of holding its colour a lot longer. With the combination of these two granulated rubbers we can offer an affordable and practical solution for any area.




Using normal mulch always looks great for the first month before fade sets in and you lose that great colour that you first had in your garden. With rubber mulch you can have that constant colour all year round. This mulch is great for commercial and domestic areas and comes in brown, green, terracotta, blue and black. The best thing about this product is it can be applied over your existing mulch. Rubber mulch is proven to lock in more water and moisture than normal mulch.