Synthetic grass is a great alternative to natural lawn because it looks like natural turf but needs little to no maintenance, watering or mowing ever again. Synthetic grass is safe for your children and more importantly is allergy free, eliminating annoying grass allergies therefore allowing you to enjoy your free time in the yard. Natural looking, synthetic grass will add value to your property because it looks like real turf. This will appeal to buyers when re-selling due to the minimal, ongoing maintenance required. Add some colour to your home with our synthetic turf solutions!

With today’s harsh weather conditions and water restrictions at their highest level, Recreational Surfaces Australia can provide you with a great synthetic lawn. We stock the latest landscape products that not only feel great but look like real natural turf. We have a wide range of synthetic turfs to suit any budget.

When it comes to landscaping your yard we understand that synthetic turf is only one part of what you want to achieve, this is why we offer a tailored service of landscape design and construction in one whole package.

One of our landscape products Centennial 10 35mm was released early this year and has really set the standard in a couch style turf. This product has the latest polyethylene yarn fibre technology which allows for a softer feel under the foot, as well as a combined bi-colour system that makes this product look so life-like. Summer Prestige 30mm has also been trialed and tested in severe heat and is proven to be cooler than most products on the current market.

Our other popular landscape product, Summer Prestige 35mm, was released in 2009 and has become very popular amongst residential applications. This product also has a tri-coloured polyethylene yarn system which will transform the area to look lush and green all year round.  Summer Prestige 35mm also has a great, soft feel under foot and we guarantee your pets will love this product. Our Summer Prestige 30mm product has been installed all over Australia in and residential and commercial areas and is a great product for high traffic areas.

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Centennial 10 35mm

35mm Premium water-less lawn with two monofilament and beige thatch.  Sand dressed.

Summer Prestige 35mm

35mm Premium water-less lawn with two tone monofilament and gold thatch.  Sand dressed.

Summer Prestige 30mm

30mm Premium water-less lawn.  Two tone monofilament with gold thatch. Sand dressed.

Fresh Cut 25mm

25mm Latest generation two tone monofilament with beige thatch. Sand dressed.

Supreme 25mm

25mm Water-less lawn- Royal green monofilament. Sand dressed.